Comments From Our Guests


(Classic Apts. Only -- Executive Apts. Not Available)


 1'st Floor -- December

   Thank you for a wonderful week.  We saw a lot of white caps and learned to appreciate the awesome power of the sea.  We cannot imagine what hurricane conditions would be like!   Very comfortable,  Fabulous location.  See you in '07!

                                                                                   John & Joanne (Massachusetts)


 1'st Floor -- November

    Absolutely fantastic!  The weather was wonderful & like last year the apartment was perfect.  We couldn't pick a nicer place to stay.

    Thank you so much for sharing your home with us!

Sara & Spencer (Wisconsin)


 2'nd Floor -- October

    A super week -- terrific weather, wonderful walks, beautiful sunrises, going to sleep to ocean sounds, watching the Cardinals win the World series and, best of all, time with our grand children (and their parents) who live nearby.

    Hope your future plans for the beach house work out well and you get to do more of the traveling you are hoping for.

Bernie & Rachael (Ohio)


 2'nd Floor -- October

    What a marvelous week.  Nature shown on us and a week of 80's weather with lots of sunshine.  This is a beautiful vacation spot.  Woke up every morning to the sunrise. 

    Thank you for your hospitality.  Sorry we had to wait two years to finally vacation here.

Tony and Terry (California)


 2'nd Floor -- September

    Thanks for your hospitality.  We had a great time and caught lots of fish.  Hope to see you again.

Henry & Beverly (New Jersey)


 1'st Floor -- September

    Like last year we had a wonderful time.

    Great weather, lots of fun on the beach.

    The apartment was really nice.

    Got lots of R&R.

Mark & Connie (Indiana)


 2'nd Floor -- September

    Thanks for once again sharing your beach house and the most lovely beach in Florida -- We will be back ...

Marti & Jan (Florida)


 1'st Floor -- August

    Had a wonderful vacation!!

    Sand, turtles, surf, sun-rises -- even Ernesto was OK!!

    A charming and relaxing stay -- Thanks

Marty & Susan (Montana)


 1'st Floor -- August

    We had a wonderful and peaceful vacation.  We were very impressed as soon as you let us in the room.   This place is beautiful. 

    We especially enjoyed the giant windows/doors that gave us the beautiful view of the ocean.  Our friends live in town and they too were impressed -- said they would refer others!  Thank you so much for the beautiful setting for the perfect vacation.

Megan & Marcos (Colorado)


 2'nd Floor -- August

    Thank you!   Thank you!  Thank you!

    A lovely time of respite and renewal for us both.  Delights natural and human inspired and the space for much needed rest and retreat.   (TS Ernesto the Pesto on the new moon too ...)  Life is likely to offer another opportunity to share your space soon, we invite you & George to visit us in the keys ...

    -- Ancient rhythms
    -- Tortuga tracks
    -- Wash clean with the tide.

Margaret & Tom (Florida)


 1'st Floor -- August

    Great spot, loved the privacy and quiet, and the way you kept the native vegetation -- quite comfortable, and the beach  is great -- thanks!

Betsy & Steve (Montana)


 2'nd Floor -- July

    Thank you for sharing your paradise.  Our fourth year and our best beach house yet!  The gorgeous views, the sparkling clean beach, the extraordinary surf, the turtles, the moon and stars and one oh-so-private apartment, upstairs million dollar view -- how good can it get?

    We so love it here, we're retiring here in three short years.  The immaculate apartment, all the amenities we would ever need, we didn't even need to bring books!  

    We've swum, bicycled, walked for hours on the beach, visited friends and read, read, read, read! 

Liz & David (Mississippi)


1'st Floor -- July

    Thanks for the respite from staring at boxes before bed.

    It was really peaceful, wish we could have spent more time here -- thanks.  You couldn't have asked for more than what you have stocked here,  everything we needed -- but more time.

Dennis & Pat (Florida)


1'st Floor -- July

    Thank you for a wonderful place to spend our vacation.  It is absolutely beautiful and we plan to return next year.  You were fabulous hosts, we couldn't have asked for better ones!

   Thanks again,

Christy & Dennis (Georgia)


2'nd Floor -- July

    Wow, what a honeymoon!  It really felt like our beach just outside!  Boogie boarding rocked!   Josh did a lot of fishing ~ caught a baby hammerhead shark! Frisbee in the surf was fun.  Lots of turtle tracks and we even saw a live mama turtle heading up the beach.  Spotted two rainbows, beautiful!  Local restaurants were great and the local ice cream stand is a must!  Thank you so much for letting us stay in your beautiful estate.   We will miss falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the ocean waves crashing!

Josh & Marcie (Illinois)


1'st Floor -- July

     C'etait merveilleux.

    I truly enjoyed being here in this Peaceable Kingdom -- I will be back -

    May the wind be always at your back --

    Merci beaucoup --

Clair (Florida)


1'st Floor -- July


    Private - quiet - beautiful ...
    It brought us peace which we needed desperately ...

Thank you.

Peter & Mary (Georgia)


2'nd Floor -- July

    We loved our stay at your beach house
and look forward to another visit.

    Now I know why Ray and Mike loved it so.

Take care,

Bette & Greg (Louisiana)


2'nd Floor -- July

    We had a wonderful and relaxing stay while here.  We enjoyed walking on the beach, finding shells, looking at turtle tracks, boogie boarding, and relaxing in the sun.  We were very fortunate to see a turtle lay her eggs one night.  We went out deep-sea fishing on the 4'th and got to see the Shuttle Discovery go up.  We loved the privacy of the beach.

    Thanks for your hospitality!  We hope to return to Melbourne Beach soon!

Doug & Bridget (Kentucky)

1'st Floor -- July

    Thank you for letting us stay here at this wonderful and peaceful place.  The weather was beautiful and the beaches are great.  This was great for our first vacation together by ourselves. We are leaving with great memories, especially since this is my first Florida visit -- hope to be back for another and try out the other rooms.

    Thanks again,

Meg & Andy (Minnesota)


2'nd Floor -- June

    Alan wasn't sure I could be happy on a beach with no people and no high rise hotels because that is all I have ever experienced.  I wasn't sure either ... but I can never go Back!  To have a beach to ourselves and the ability to sit on the couch or on the deck and absorb the sight, sound and smell of the ocean and tranquility, it was more than I could have dreamed of!

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing and trusting us with your little piece of heaven.

    We dream of the day we can return and I am saddened to leave.  (P.S. We enjoyed City Tropics Bistro & Blueberry Muffin!  And we saw proof of turtles every morning but were never fortunate to see them personally.

Wendy & Alan (Florida)

1'st Floor -- June

    As you know this is my second stay here and it was better than my first.  I really don't think I would ever get tired of this beautiful place.   From the beautiful beach to the coziness of the apartment, its all good.   I cannot think of a better place o spend my vacation.   I truly hope you continue to allow your apartments to be rented as I have nothing but good to say.   Hopefully I will be back again next year.

Ray (Louisiana)


2'nd Floor -- June

            The Sound of the Surf
            Silences and leaves an
            Everlasting Memory.

Peter (Florida)


1'st Floor -- June

    Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay this past week ...  From time spent on the beach, early morning surfing, to eating seafood at a different restaurant every night ~ relaxation was reached and appreciated. 

   Thank you for the excellent accommodations, they were much enjoyed.!  We will be back!

Wendell & Colleen (Missouri)


2'nd Floor .. May

    Thank you for the hospitality.  Beautiful beach and wonderful relaxing atmosphere.  Old town Melbourne was fun and the golf was great.  Look forward to returning soon.

Jody (North Carolina)

1'st Floor -- May
    Thank you very much!  We've enjoyed our stay with you.  I'll be sure to tell everyone back  home how much of a great time we had.  I hope you'll continue to renovate 'cause when it's finished it's going to be awesome.  Peace & quiet & beach what more could you ask for? 

    I've stayed in hotels & etc. all up this coast for years, but this place is by far the best. 

   Thank you.

James & Mellisa (Georgia)


2'nd Floor -- May

    We have had a nice time in Melbourne.  We enjoyed the Beach Apartment very much.  The inside was comfortable, clean & homey.  We loved watching the sunrise and lovely skies.

    We walked the beach in the cool mornings, sometimes the evenings.  We enjoyed the music of the waves, the watching of nature.  We love a place of rest ... the beach.

    Thank you for a lovely week, and your kind hospitality.

Gary & Rosetta (Indiana)


1'st Floor -- May

    This was exactly what we had in mind for our honeymoon - comfortable, secluded, and a romantic beach at our sliding glass door.

    We loved the local eateries and enjoyed our conversations with you .  With our camera full of pictures and our shell collection in tow, we head back to start our marriage together.

    We will always treasure this week we shared in your wonderful 'apartment.'  Thank you for making it available to us.  We look forward to spending anniversaries here!

Loran & Dawn (Missouri)

2'nd Floor -- May

      Another romantic anniversary spent at Melbourne Beach House.   I believe this was the best one yet.   Every year it just gets better.  Being at the beach with the love of your life, the beautiful mornings hunting shells and lounging on the beach for hours, delicious seafood and Italian foods and those dreamy nights ...  how could it get any better!

    Thank you again for your lovely home and hope all goes well for you both in the coming year.

Karen & Al (Alabama)

1'st Floor -- May

     We had a wonderful time here.  With the windows open at night it felt as if we were right outside on the beach.

     The apartment is lovely and we enjoyed the wild feel of the dune right outside the window.

     Fantastic views, empty beaches, turtle tracks and the best sunrises we've ever seen.  Loved the swing too!

     Would love to come back.

           Many thanks for your hospitality, we'll be back

     All the best

Paul & Trish (Wiltshire, England)

2'nd Floor -- April

    We had a wonderful week here on the beach.  It felt like we had it all to ourselves.  80f & sunny every day.  Really appreciated the well equipped kitchen as we rarely eat out and we can only hope we sleep as well when we get home.

    One day we'll be back to see the turtles.

    Thanks for the hospitality!

Rod & Carol (Minnesota)

1'st Floor -- April

    We had a wonderful beach week at your lovely "beach home".   It was so well supplied, comfortable and "homey". 

    We enjoyed the beach, waves, local restaurants & seashell hunting.

    Looking forward to next year and the most relaxing week we had all year

    Thanks for your hospitality.  (PS We're going home with great tans!)

Tim & Carol (Florida)

2'nd Floor -- March

    We absolutely loved our stay here!  Our dreams of vacationing on an unspoiled and uncrowded beach came true.  The beautiful sunrises, the constant sound of waves crashing & the fantastic views took our stresses away.  We never dreamed of such a beautiful, secluded spot away, from all the crowds ... but still so close to restaurants, shopping & other activities!    We thoroughly enjoyed the peace of reading on the deck, as well as the potentially endless walks along the beach.

    On our morning walk we were escorted by the "infamous" beach cat ZOE, who surprisingly walked right along side us more obediently than any dog we have seen!  

    We truly enjoyed our stay here.  We cannot thank you both enough for opening your house to us.

Mike & Tammy (Wisconsin)

2'nd Floor -- March
    Thanks again for opening your lovely beach house to us.  Our 2'nd year was wonderful -- a full month of perfect weather, tennis, golf & lazy days on the beach.  Great dining experiences at Cafe' Coconut Cove,  Islands Sea Grille, Dos Amigos, City Tropics Bistro.

    Attended three spring training baseball games at Dodger Town in Vero Beach (including the Red Sox).

    Good luck with your re-modeling plans!

    Bon Voyage --

David & Meredith (Connecticut)

1'st Floor -- March

    Our second stay here and first time to spend a whole month in Florida, and here at your place.

    It is luxurious to have so much time to do the things here we know we enjoy and find new ones.  But best of all we love the closeness your house gives us to the ocean and its wildlife.  

    Better than ever!  Its a great life here -- & thanks for all your warm hospitality -- we'll see you next year.

Elita & Bill (New York)


2'nd Floor -- February

    Melbourne Beach House!  What does one write about this vacation spot that hasn't been discovered?  Let's just cover the whole package again:  sounds of the surf 24/7, a full moon overlooking the deck after dinner (with a brandy), formations of pelican's flying within arm's reach, communities of birds walking the beach with us, fantastic weather (22 out of 28 days), open windows, ocean breezes, solid sleep, first-class furnishings, total solitude, a great shower head/ water pressure, bug-free environment, bay window sunsets, a delightful and helpful host and hostess, plus location, location, location, the ultimate R&R!

     A final thought quoting James Taylor, "The secret of life is enjoying the passing of Time." (Incidentally, we've confirmed five weeks for 2007.)

Linda & Richard (Wisconsin)


1'st Floor -- February

    We enjoyed our stay at Melbourne Beach House.  Thanks for sharing this wonderful location with others!  We especially like the closeness, the convenience, and the solitude of the beach. 

    Our view from the patio doors was fantastic.  We enjoyed it every day, even when we had cool or rainy days.
    See you next year.

Bax & Mary Ellen (Indiana)

2'nd Floor -- January

    There is something about resilience of spirit that which overcomes in the confrontation of adversity.  The results are an excellent place to stay and good hosts.  The site can't be beat!  Good surf and beach at your feet .. this is a place to return.

     Best wishes ...

Don (Oklahoma)

2'nd Floor -- January

    We enjoyed our stay at your beach house!  Even though the water was too cold for swimming, we kept ourselves busy!  Tues: Pluto Satellite Launch, Wed Pluto Satellite Launch & Finally Thurs it took off!

    Your house is very comfortable and we would definitely come back in spring & summer when the water is warmer.

Peter & Jean (Connecticut)

1'st Floor -- January

We have enjoyed the apartment, beach, and area very much. 
We hope to come back again.
We tried most of the restaurants you recommended in the notebook.  They were all excellent


Paul & Carolyn (Ohio)