Testimonials 2014

Comments From Our Guests


 1st Floor Executive -December

  Year #5 in our home away from home was the best one yet.

   Four years in the ground floor classic were great.  However this year in the first floor executive was many times better.  This will be our new home for as many years that we continue to come.

   See you in December for #6.

                                            Jim & Jo (Nebraska)

 1st Floor Classic --November

   Another wonderful stay at MBH.  Weather was excellent, fishing was outstanding.  We are already anxious for next years visit.

   Thank you George & Juanita for an all around lovely stay!

                                            Chris & Lee (Maryland)

 1st Floor Classic --October

   After missing last year because of illness, it is great to be back at "Paradise"!  We never tire of the beautiful sunrises and the never-ending waves.

   For 2 weeks we had super weather - not a drop of rain!

   We enjoyed our visits to the Fish Museum and McLarty Museum at Sebastian, as well as the Brevard Zoo.

   And, for a delicious salmon dinner - The Green Turtle.

   The ospreys were exceptionally entertaining - watching them gliding along and diving to catch fish.

   Looking forward to being here in 2015!

                                            Don & Carol (Florida)

  1st Floor Executive -October

  A wonderful, peaceful, relaxing vacation.  Melbourne Beach House is the best!  We will be back.

                                            Marie & Ely (Florida)

 1st Floor Classic --October

   Thank you so much for having a place to stay this close to the beach/ocean -- It's such a peacefull, serene place -- We enjoyed ourselves very much -- We'll be back for sure.

                                            Craig & Jenny (Georgia)

 2nd Floor Classic --September

   Our first vacation here at this beautiful house.  Will definitely not be our last!  What a week of paradise having the ocean and breathtaking sunrises to wake up to every morning.  It was so peaceful and serene!  Felt like we were on our own private island.  Thank you for a most wonderful week!  We will be back!Smile

                                            Sue & Steve (Florida)

1st Floor Classic --September

   Great Place! 

    Had a great time, very hard to get used to the PEACE & QUIET!

    The most amazing sunrises!

    Would recommend to family & friends!

                                            Pamela (Florida)

 1st Floor Classic --August


   We almost went to Hawaii but decided to save the $$.  This was amazing.  No need to travel 5000 miles for beautiful beachfront stay.  We will definitely be back.

                                            Henry & Andrea (Florida)

  1st Floor Executive -August

  Our second stay was just as wonderful as our first.  It feels like our home away from home.

   Thank you so much!  This was the most relaxing, peaceful vacation we've had in a while.

                                            Craig & Jenny (Georgia)

 1st Floor Classic --August

   Great Place!!  Had a great time, very hard to get used to the PEACE & Quiet!

   The most Amazing sunrises!

   Would recommend to family & friends!

                                            Pamela (Florida)

2nd Floor Classic --July

   I had high expectations and Melbourne Beach House surpassed every one of them.  The pounding surf in my ears, beautiful view from every window and deck, peace and quiet.  And finally most amazing of all, watching sea turtles come onto the beach, dig nests, lay eggs and depart.  Thank you for a wonderful week -- I will be back!

                                            Jennifer (Florida)

 1st Floor Executive -July

  This was our first time staying in your lovely home.  The online photos do not begin to capture the beauty of the 1st floor executive and its beach setting.  We loved the privacy  we felt outdoors -- lounging, eating, swinging, and soaking in the hot tub.  It was so nice to relax on the beach with no crowds!  Your home is the perfect couple's getaway.  We appreciated all the special touches you provided -- from the slippers to the chilled glasses -- everything was perfect!

   Thank you George & Juanita and all your staff that worked diligently to make our stay so relaxing and memorable.  We can't wait to return.

                                            Ashley & Don (Tennessee)

2nd Floor Classic --July

   Visit #5 as wonderful as the others with the bonus of a super moon rising late from the ocean, sometimes appearing deep orange -- incredible.  Next year will mark the 50th year of friendship for Karen and I and we look forward to recalling all our memories of beach time in this slice of "old Florida".

   Until then --

                                            Lynda & Karen (Missouri & North Carolina)

 1st Floor Executive -July

  Another (3rd?) great holiday at MBH -- we Love it!

  No complaints.  Just lots of praise!

  This is truly paradise for us!

   See you next year please god.

   For now Thank you!

                                            Clare & Ian (Irland & UK)

 2nd Floor Classic --July

   What a beautiful place to spend a week at the beach!  Even Tropical Storm Arthur couldn't dampen our enjoyment of Melbourne Beach House.  We have always loved this area.  We will definitely be back.

                                            Rob & Janet (Florida)

1st Floor Classic --July

   Well, another day in paradise!  We've stayed here at least 7 times now -- every time was wonderfully restorative rich in simplicity and beauty -- much better and easier than a hotel, no matter how luxurious.  And the lizards!  So much fun.

                                           MBH Silver Members Dave & Liz (Mississippi)

 1st Floor Executive -July

  Lovely, relaxing FL treat.

                                            Phil & Holly (Florida)

 2nd Floor Classic --June

   Thank you for a lovely week.  This is my second time here and I hope to come back again.  I love that it's like having your own private beach.

                                            Robin (Florida)

1st Floor Executive -June

   Perfect weather, perfect beach,

   Perfect HOME away home!

   Exactly what we hoped for.

   Thanks & See you next time.

                                            Ritz & Keigo (Tokyo, Japan)

 1st Floor Classic --June

  Our 3rd time here --- it gets better & better. 

   Feels like Home with added Solitude.

   Thank you so much.

                                           Culise & Rane (Pennsylvania)

  1st Floor Executive -June

   First time in this apartment.  Beautiful, loved it.  The swing looking out at the ocean my favorite.  No bait running, so no fishing at Sebastian Inlet.  So we went gambling on Victory Casino Cruise twice.  Hope to be back in September.  Thanks.

                                            Tony & Cheryl (Florida)

1st Floor Classic --June

  We had an absolutely peaceful and fabulous time here.  It was a relaxing and beautiful get away and we will definitely return!

   The privacy of the beach, the quiet and calm of beach house...everything was wonderful!

   Thank you! See you soon!

                                           Monica & Aleks (Indiana)

 1st Floor Executive -May

   The Melbourne Beach House (MBH) was a great find.  Sitting on the swing and listening to the waves was good for the heart, mind and soul.  We saw dolphins, jumping fish, ghost crabs, herons, pelicans, even a snake...Smile.  Each morning while sipping our coffee we would survey the beach and look for new turtle tracks to see if they laid eggs.  This is the first place my wife and I stayed that we must return.  The beach and waves were great.  Thank you George & Juanita for sharing your little piece of paradise.  God Bless!

                                            John & Deb (Rhode Island)

 1st Floor Executive -May

   Our stay in Melbourne Beach House was great.  The pictures did not due this place justice, everything was perfect, can't wait till our next visit.

                                            Alan & Kathy (Georgia)

 1st Floor Executive -May

   This is our 5th visit here our first for 2 weeks.  Absolutely wonderful from the weather to the rocket launch.  I could not ask for a more relaxing time after this post long awful winter.  We met George & Juanita.  What wonderful people and thanks for letting us stay in your slice of heaven for the last two weeks.  We will be back.  Hope all of you enjoy your stay as much as we did.


   In the past couple of years Robyn & I have been from Vermont to Mexico, Arizona to the Carolina's, and many places in between.  But this place is special.  Even these 2 weeks were not enough.  Hoping to come back for trip #6 in September.  George & Juanita have a real gem here.  No place I'd rather be than right here, with you Robyn.


                                            Robyn & Ron (Illinois)

 1st Floor Classic --April

   A very nice place for a quiet get away!  We loved every moment of our stay and will be back!

                                           Ettienne & Adri (Florida)

1st Floor Executive -April

   John and Carol traveled from Charlotte, NC for a reunion week with John's college roomate (Harvard '66).

   Wonderful place to stay - just minutes from the Mc M's home on sixth.

   Weather more cloudy & windy, but we were treated to great Ocean activity including a full eclipse of the moon!

   Loved walking on beach, and the unit was just great and well equipped with wonderful grocery just down the road.     

                                            Carol & John (North Carolina)

 1st Floor Classic --April

   MBH - a wonderful place to get away!

   We live less than 2 hours away & we will be back!

   The beach is pristine & oh so lovely...

   Thanks for the terrific time.

PS - love the swing!!

                                           Joan & Fred (Florida)

2nd Floor Classic --April

   Falling asleep and waking to the ocean sounds was fantastic.  We had a great week visiting family and friends and hope to come back next year.

                                            Trish & Matthew (Conneticut)

 1st Floor Executive -April

  We have so enjoyed our time here and we really hate to leave.  Impeccably kept property, plenty of privacy, and unforgettable views are a few of the many things we could say about Melbourne Beach House!  It was the perfect place to spend our honeymoon and we wouldn't hesitate to return.  Thanks for a wonderful retreat!

   P.S.  Check out our band, The Barefoot Movement!


                                            Noah & Tommy (Tennessee)

1st Floor Classic --April

   Great Beach, great house but a week is too short.  Hopefully we will be back next year!


   The weather? People always talk about the weather.  We don't concern our selves about the weather.  No matter what it is doing -- get out and enjoy the beach!!!  After all it is vacation and not home.


                                           Ron & Ginny (Conneticut)

1st Floor Executive -April

   Our second stay here.  Loved it again.  Weather was great.  Some stormy days but great to watch the ocean and the light show.

   This apartment is gorgeous.  Feel more at home every time we come here.

   We will be back.

   Best wishes to all.


P.S. - Your cleaners do a great job.     

                                            Clint & Gab (Ontario, Canada)

2nd Floor Classic --April

   Another great spring break at the Melbourne Beach House!  We love this place or we wouldn't continue to come back year after year.  We are "lifers" here.  As long as we're able we'll be back.

                                          MBH Silver Members Telesa & Micky (Kentucky)

1st Floor Executive -April

  We loved your beach house!!  We especially loved your neighbor, Pete, the fisherman.  Wonderful person!!  Thanks much.       

                                            Gayle & Joseph (Wisconsin)

1st Floor Classic --April

   This was our first year and hopefully will not be our last.  Everything was wonderful and exceeded our expectations.

   Thank you so much for your hospitality.  I do hope we will be back.

                                           Carole & Bob (Minnesota)

1st Floor Executive -April

  The quality of our week spent here was wonderful.  To say that the first floor executive apt. is Beautiful would be a mistake.  It is beyond being that!

   The same could be said for the beach, the ocean, and all manner of flora and fauna.  Listening to the ocean waves thundering against the shore is both mesmerizing and tranquilizing.

   MBH with nothing to do is about the best anyone could ask for.

   We hope to come back...

                                            Bill & Marilee (Michigan)

 1st Floor Classic --April

   Our fourth year.  What more can I say.  This is our home away from home - even if it is only for a week.

   Perfect place to stay!

                                           Jim & Jan (Kansas)

 1st Floor Executive --March

  This place was even more beautiful than we expected.  The house was great and we enjoyed the hot tub a lot. Unfortunately the weather didn't hold up for us, but we still had a great time.

                                            Robert & Stephanie (New York)

 1st Floor Classic --March

   Again, Another wonderful stay at the beach house.

   Thanks for sharing your piece of Paradise with us!

                                           Al & Zari (Massachusettes)

 1st Floor Executive --March

  This is our 4th visit to Melbourne Beach House - our 2nd in this unit.  It has been a great stay for us - We enjoy being able to sit on the swing and watch the ocean.

   Thank you for your hospitality.

                                            Vince & Irene (Minnesota)

 2nd Floor Classic --March

   The Ocean sounds at night was fantastic and would be great to take back with us.  The Sand & Surf with huge waves were thrilling to experience.

    Beautiful quiet week and relaxing in your quiet home --

    Thanks for another great vacation.

                                            Carol & Jim (Florida)

 1st Floor Executive --February/March

   We've enjoyed our stay here very much.  It's great to get up each morning to the sun coming up over the waves.  It's been a very relaxing and refreshing time for us, just what we had hoped for.

   Good luck with the new "dune grass" - we hope it gets established quickly.  Thanks, George, for your prompt and cheerful attention to all the fix-it problems that came up.

    Best wishes to you both.

                                            Marty & Ginny (Virginia)

1st Floor Classic --February

   We enjoyed our stay at Melbourne Beach House immensely.  We love the location with so much natural area surrounding the house.  The privacy and quite allowed for a relaxing respite for us.  This is the perfect place for beach walks and relaxing on the swing.

   As we have close friends in Melbourne, we hope to return next winter, hopefully for a longer stay - 

   Thank you for your hospitality.  We look forward to the opportunity to stay with you again in the future.

                                            Betsy & Tom (Michigan)

 1st Floor Executive --February

   3/4 Moon turns white caps to silver.

   I've lost track of the days of the week.

   I saw a whale swimming with dolphins!

   We watched a great lightning show over the ocean.

   We've had hot humid days and cooler days.  What a perfect combination of weather.

   It's time to move to the next adventure.

   Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and beach with us.

                                            Carrie & Hadley (Michigan)

  2nd Floor Classic --February

   If I could paint a picture Titled "Tranquility,"

   I'd paint a glorious sunrise and dolphins in the sea.

   I'd draw soaring birds and stately palms --

   A scene of breath-taking beauty.

   Add a cozy spot to sun and rest;

   And then I would add ME.

   Thank you for a picture-perfect time at your lovely beach home.

   This is the 3rd winter this Minnesota couple has been fortunate enough to thaw out for a while in the Florida sun at MBH.

                                            Robert & Linda (Minnesota)

 1st Floor Classic --February

   Our stay at the Melbourne beach house was very comfortable and the location worked very well for our activities in the area.

   The weather was wonderful for the whole two weeks of our visit and when we looked at the weather in Michigan -- it even seemed to be better.

   Plenty of great places to eat (O'malley's being the favorite) and the beach is second to none.

   The Melbourne beach house will be our fist choice upon our next visit to Florida.

                                            Barry & Pat (Michigan)

 1st Floor Executive --January

   Our week in the first floor exc. apt. went to quickly, with a few days of rain...but a great week non the less with walks on the beach...and made a trip to Sabastin Inlet Park...beautiful beach.

   The food and sunsets are great at the Cafe Coconut Cove!!

                                            Ron & Gerry (Wisconsin)

 2nd Floor Classic --January

   Thank you so much for allowing us to stay at your Paradise on the Beach.  We had a wonderful time.

   Hope to be back next year.

                                            Ralph & Sandy (Ohio)

 1st Floor Executive --January

   We had a very relaxing week.  Really enjoyed the apartment and the view of the ocean.

   My Dad & Step Mom live in West Melbourne and the beach house made a wonderful place for them to come visit with us.

   Dennis loved the hot tub.

   We hope to return.

                                            Dennis & Janet (Illinois)

 2nd Floor Classic --January

   Our 2nd stay at Melbourne Beach House - and the highlight this week was seeing a launch Thursday night from Cape Canaveral!  We were amazed at how great of a view we had...and it literally flew right towards us!

   Cool week, but we like the Atlantic and walking on the beach & the waves crashing!

                                            Ron & Gerry (Wisconsin)

 1st Floor Executive --January

   We came here so wife could rehab new knee and for total relaxation - in preparation for retirement 2 months from now.

   Wonderful how all our needs were met!

   Beautiful apartment!

   The Beach - The Surf - The Dolphins - The Birds.

   Joe's Overlook at Pelican Island Wildlife Refuge - what a great place for photos!

   Thanks so much!

   Hope to be back - fully retired!!

                                            Jim & Julia (Kentucky)